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Bella Luna

I met a boy.

We met the way most people meet nowadays, online. We exchanged pretty lengthy emails, back and forth over the course of 3 weeks. In reality, it felt like I was just talking to a friend. I liked him, but I liked who he was foremost. You can tell a lot about who someone by the way they talk about their family. I’ve learned this the hard way. He however spoke very differently.
I felt as if we both treaded lightly. No one was in a hurry to meet. No one implied there was an expiration date on how long we would write for. We just wrote nightly, about our days, our work, our pets. Easy… It was the kind of stuff I talk to my friends about everyday. Then last week he asked me if I wanted to have dinner. Dinner. Not coffee. Not a cocktail. Not the kind of meeting where it feels like an interview and you size each other up. A meal in a real restaurant, with a tablecloth between us. (Hi, I haven’t been taken out and treated well in a long time. I had no idea men still did this.)
So we met. The rest is a waterfall of good things.
We decided on thai food. I asked him to order for us, which he did and amazing things were brought to our table. We talked long and laughed hard- mouth open, eyes watering. We ate slowly and took our time. He got up when I got up AND also when I returned to our table. We talked even after the plates were cleared and the food boxed-up in those white square food containers that look like little purses.
After dinner, we went over to The Madonna Inn, where they have a huge dance floor. On Saturday nights they have a full orchestra that plays big band music. People- young and old- swing dance. We danced. This lovely gentleman took 4 years of swing dance lessons. And let me just say, he was a great lead. We talked in between small bursts of dancing. We didn’t cha-cha or jitterbug. Just a lot of basic east coast triple-step stuff. It was so damn fun. I was not always graceful, but he didn’t care. And we laughed a lot. And he twirled me and dipped me and made me feel like a girl, a teeny-tiny girl at that. There is something to be said for a man who knows how to hold a woman. It was lovely.
But it was when the band played this song that I think I actually levitated off the floor. And when the song was over, slowly we kissed. The kiss was exactly how a first kiss should be; awkward, a bit clunky, slow and sweet. But he held me like he meant it.
The moon was full outside, and for the first time in years I felt magic.
He trembled a little when we hugged and kissed goodnight. It made me think of that scene in Say Anything. If you’ve seen that movie, you’ll know exactly what part I mean. I drove home smiling.

I saw him the next day. We met for a beach walk/run/trot with his sweet dog, then later we had lunch. It was slightly less magical, but then again daylight has a reality of it’s own. It was good. We laughed and I felt like I could just talk and laugh and be happy in the moment. And I was.
The goodbye kiss was still a bit awkward, but he still held me like he meant it.
He wants to meet for dinner this week.

When you are treated really well for even a moment, you suddenly realize how poorly you have been treated in the past- by others and by yourself. Even if first dates are always good, it still highlights all the dates in between that were not so great. I also started thinking about a relationship I was in and how it was so fun at first… and then it wasn’t. And yesterday I asked myself, “At what point did you think you deserved to be treated badly. At what point did that make sense to you?”
It’s been a very cathartic 48 hours.

I don’t know what I’m doing with this guy. I have no real plans other than to just have fun and enjoy someone who enjoys my company. But I do know he was put in my path for a reason, even if that reason is to just open my heart and let me start believing in magic again. And if I never see him it again, it worked.

I’m so very grateful.


now vs. then

I’m having a great morning. I slept really, really well after reading this article. Woke-up feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ran and felt pretty great. My current weight is 201.8. I know the scale shouldn’t matter but I feel pretty amazing right now. I’m so close to being under 200, I can taste it.
I was making myself some breakfast this morning (because I NEVER skip breakfast) and while I was looking in my refrigerator I couldn’t help but notice how things have changed in my kitchen. So here is a list of things I used to eat, and how that has changed during this journey.

278 pounds, when things were bad. At any given moment my kitchen was STOCKED as such:
Some sort of half eaten cake- with the fork always left in the container.
White flour pasta
Alfredo sauce in a jar
Macaroni and cheese boxes
A case of wine
Kettle chips
Several kinds of cheeses
Frozen meals such as, Orange Chicken with fried rice, Lasagna, pot pies, meatloaf, enchiladas.
A trashcan full of fast food containers; Burger King, Mc Donalds, the chinese joint down the street, The mexican place that knows me by the name, Pizza boxes, donut boxes.
Whole milk
Corn Pops cereal
ice cream

When I got started losing weight:
Weight Watcher meals
Lean Cuisine meals
Fruit- mostly bananas and apples
Bag o’salad
Fat Free chocolate pudding
Low Fat milk
Half a case of wine
Pop Chips
Rotisserie Chicken
Veggies for WW Zero Point Soup (I ate A LOT of this)
Water by the case
corn tortillas
Whole grain bread
Low Fat salad dressing

What I eat now:
Hard boiled eggs
Can tuna
chicken- boiled or grilled
Spinach or dark greens- romaine ends or butter lettuce.
red cabbage
Unsweetened, vanilla almond milk
frozen fruit for smoothies (peaches, blueberries, mango)
Whey Protein
Flax (seeds and ground)
Whole wheat pasta
Marinara sauce
Salad dressing with little or no sugar
Sandwich thins, multigrain or wheat
Low Fat Miracle Whip
Olive Oil
Peanut butter
Almonds and cashews
Veggie patties
Greek Yogurt
Bag of shredded cheese
sweet potatoes
Gallons of water
Wine- I buy 1 bottle at a time- not a case or half a case, no matter how good the deal is.

Things have changed dramatically, because I have changed just as such. When I first started doing this, the last list would have seemed like a punishment, but now I think of it as fuel for the week. When I don’t have any of these item on hand, I start feeling panicky. I don’t remember the last time I ate a lean cuisine meal. The idea of that sounds terrible to me now, even though at one time I craved them so.
I still eat chips and donuts sometimes, and from the mexican place that knows my name, but it is so rare I do that, that when I do make those choices I really enjoy the taste and the experience. I eat slowly and close my eyes and still have that joy of eating fun food. Whereas before I just ate without consciousness. I ate without tasting. I swallowed food like I was angry that it was in front of me. I shoveled it in as quickly as it would arrive. I ate because I was bored, it was there, to fill me up emotionally.And that’s a really scary thing.
Other things fill me up now. But it’s taken me a while to get here.