a few things about a few things

So, earlier last week I posted a story about my awesome trainer writing into a local news story about my weight loss progress. Since then, Adam has had the preliminary interview with a reporter who will now take his words and make a proposal to her boss in hopes that it is newsworthy. We will be notified if we do or do not get a story. Whether is happens or not, I feel pretty good about being open to do it. And I love the fuck out of my trainer. So, we’ll see. In the meantime I’ll just be at the gym killing myself every morning. The scale hasn’t moved in a while. But I’m still holding it down at 197. And I’m good with that for now.


Here are a few texts messages between me and Adam.

Me: My ass really hurts today. So, thanks? 

Adam: You are welcome.

Me: I think my boobs are getting bigger because my peck muscles are getting bigger. This is really happening, right?

Adam: You are definitely developing peck muscles, breast tissue doesn’t work that way.

Me: So what you’re saying is, you hate me.

Adam: LOL! WHAT???

Me: I really want to do those walking planks with the push-ups in between during our workouts. Because it looks awesome and I get mad respect at the gym when I do them.

Adam: Also, they make you really strong!

Me: Yea. That too, I guess… I like people to be afraid/impressed by me. yay!

Adam: You’re funny, A.


Last weekend I had 2 dates with a boy, and I just want to say that aside from a small texting session we had on Monday, I have not heard from him. And I’m OK with that. I really meant what I said when I mentioned I was grateful for having met him and those few hours where I felt so much magic. Because it was magical.  I have not had a man make me feel so special in years. I forgot what it felt like to excited about a man.  I do not know what happened. He said he wanted to see me…He “we’d” me… He even took his profile down on Saturday night, but then reposted it on Tuesday. Men are funny. But then again, so are women.  I’m not going to spend another moment wondering why he disappeared- I did that yesterday and yesterday is just that.

So there it is. And like I said, I’m fine. When you start to really believe that everyone who comes into your life has a place and a purpose- even if for only a small moment, things get a lot easier.


I have a private client I see once a month. Her and her husband have some health issues and sometimes leave post-its in the bathroom for each other. I think this was fitting:


One thought on “a few things about a few things

  1. donn says:

    You are MORE than OK – you are AMAZING!!!

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