Last week I said goodbye to my 200’s forever. After a few weeks of hanging around 200-202, after giving up bananas and pretty much all fruit, after running for more than 2 hours and giving up carbs, I did it. I woke up last Thursday just feeling… different. I could really feel my hip bones and see my collarbone in the mirror that morning. I was optimistic and decided to weigh myself. There is was 199.2. And an hour later I was 198. Today, I am 197. It did it. I really did it. And the best part it is, it has actually stuck for more than 12 hours. Also, as of right now I have hit the 80 pound loss mark. That just blows me away. Damn… It’s all unreal. But even in my euphoria I know I am determined to never see that number 2 at the beginning of my weight EVER again.


Two weeks ago I decided to try and run 12 miles (just 1 mile short of my half marathon distance). I thought I was ready, and I felt ready, but the run ended with my limping and crying, then crying even more when I got to my car. Actually I was sobbing. But I had a good, hard, long look at what went wrong and there were MANY factors. For one I decided to take just water in my pack and not any type of electrolyte aid. That was a really stupid idea. The air was very thin because the fog layer that morning was very thick. So I sweated a lot- more than a lot. This resulted in a huge loss of sodium. Then around mile 8 the cramping started. It started with one calve, then the other, then the hamstrings, then up into my ass. At this point, I tried to just jog a few minutes at a time, but even that proved too painful. I tried though… THEN, because I was walking funny and out of electrolytes my feet swelled. That resulted in blisters behind a couple of my toenails. Doesn’t that sound awesome? I can assure you it is not.
That day sucked. A good friend of mine who does Ironman competitions reminded me that this is why we have bad runs BEFORE the event day, so we can workout all the bugs and really shine come game time. He was right, and I have since made some big changes in the last 8 days.
1.) I was using GU gels during my runs, but not having them often enough. I now will ingest one every 30 mins while running.
2.) I now carry water AND gatorade with me.
3.) I eat a bigger breakfast before long runs. A carb, peanut butter on it and a banana.
4.) I bought new running shoes 1 size larger to compensate for my feet swelling. (Already they feel amazing.)
5.) I invested in some different run-wear quick dry clothes. What a HUGE difference. I sweat, but my clothes stay bone dry.

So, now I’m ready.
I did a 5 mile run yesterday and tried all the new changes and it went swimmingly well.
7 days and counting…
I can’t believe it is here. I cannot believe that I will be running 13.1 miles and doing it under 200 pounds. I’m just beside myself. But here it is. And here I am. Ready… for anything.


2 thoughts on “Ready

  1. Tana says:

    I’ll be on the van with cramps in my ass! OMG you are my hero.

  2. donn says:

    As previously stated I am so proud of you!!! You are amazing!!!!

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