I bet no one ever asks Adele if she’s pregnant

This week a new client asked me when I was due. Because she thought I was pregnant. Because she obviously thought that belly of mine had a baby in it.
I’m not pregnant. And very calmly I said that to her. “Actually, I’m not pregnant cunt.” OK, I didn’t say cunt, but I really wanted to. Instead I just remained calm as I listened to her say why she thought I was pregnant, which only made it worse. She did apologize sort of, but only while she was defending why she said it. She wasn’t even upset or all that embarrassed. And she wasn’t thin, either. She was easily about 40 pounds over weight. THEN she said that this has happened to her, too. Someone had mistaken her for being pregnant once. And all this happened about 45 seconds into her 1 hour session with me. I then had 59 minutes to wonder in silence if I did indeed look pregnant and just how much weight I’d have to lose so I wouldn’t look pregnant anymore.
The minutes ticked by. My elbow carved bruises into her rhomboids.

I don’t understand people. Why on earth would anyone ask another women that question unless they were 100% certain she was expecting. Isn’t there some kind of universal code we all follow? It’s awful and deflating. Especially if you’ve already lost some weight…
I only wanted to cry for a few minutes. And then it passed. I went home, has a sensible dinner then went to bed.

I just want to know when people started believing that if you weren’t a size 6 then you must be pregnant. It’s shitty. I know it’s only one person, but it’s happened before and not just to me either. Someone out there started this kind of thinking.
I’ll never be a size 6, and honestly I just don’t want to. I just want to remain curvy without having to shop in the plus size department and without having to special order anything.
People like her are just another hurdle for me. I haven’t given up, but dammit, it hurt my feelings. I forget how thoughtless and rude people can be, and how easily words can crush your entire being, if even for just a few moments.



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